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Jubilee-Wells Branch thanks all those donors who came together during Amplify Austin to raise over $5,000 for our school! These donations will help fund two state-of-the-art computer labs on our campus. We are so fortunate to have the support of our parents, friends and community members.

It's not too late to make a donation. Visit our Amplify Austin webpage to learn how.

Thank you for sharing your love and helping us reach our goal!

Hanna Pacheco

Rebecca Lanier

Isaac Arneson

R.M. Leggett

Phoenix Arneson

Monica Magallanez

Noah Avila

Briella Malone

Deuce Barragan

S Mays

Kathryn Payton

Dina Mellor

Hiten Bhatpuria

Shanna Mikel

Statewide Towing Recovery Rescue Roadside Transport Inc.

Ginger Miller

Rene Brito

Emery D

Anne Burke

Alex Muruato

Deborah Burlando

Gary Murray

Joleen Cervenka

Shelah Vie

Gray & Owen Church

Tyna Nguyen

Kathleen Contreras

Sara Nicholson

Carl Cumberbatch

Kara Palmer

Victoria Dwyer

Mark Poitras

Ebeling Family

Judah Pozos

Cristina Ferrer

Fran & Daryl Pullin

Caroline Gallego

Karina Resendiz

Cherish Gilbert

Terence & Rhae Enriquez

Kate Ginsberg

Lilah and Trent Sanchez

Matthew Grant

Mona Santandrea

Alice Green

Kaelan Ann Quiocho

Melissa Adams

Sara Shirley

Dominick Guan

Graciela Solis

Tamara Haas

D Thomas

Lee Haley

Sze and Kitty Tom

JJ Haley

Brandon and Danielle Washington

LaNelle and Bill Polley

Melanie Watkins

Betsey Harper

Angela Weis

Karla Scobie

Loren & Erin Wyatt

Bobby Howard

Shelia Young

The Juneau's