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Chinese New Year

Just a quick look at one of the cultural experiences offered at Jubilee.  This week we celebrated the Chinese New Year with an amazing performance at the K-2 campus.
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Lady Wolves

Please help me congratulate our Lady Wolves as they continued their dominance last week at the sub-regional tournament. After receiving a bye to the semis, they dominated Harmony by a score of 36-9 and then blew out IDEA Allan 34-8 in the title match.

Mariah Houston and Carrie Weston relentlessly locked down opposing point guards, leading to easy buckets all night. Kathy Carcamo and Hannah Darby left everything on the court like they always do, and provided key contributions. Gabby Edo and Trinity Alexander's mind-blowing transformation into monster players continued and Alissea Huff was a beast on the boards.
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Sports Stats Club MATH IN ACTION!

1. Reinforce, and make concrete, geometry concepts of parallel lines, perpendicular lines, perimeters, areas, and arcs
2. To use during Sports Stats club meetings where each student would attempt 5 free throws, 5 2-point field goals, and 5 three pointers. The students all have a stats sheet with everyone listed on it, where they track attempts and shots made, and then figure out each other's shooting percentages.
3. To use during intermittent 'brain breaks' during the day to relax, and then be able to re-focus on our learning.
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01/17/2018 | School @ Normal Time

Good Evening,

Jubilee Wells Branch will have school 1/17/2018 at the normal time. We will continue to monitor the weather for any developments. Please dress warm and have a safe trip to school.

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