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Turkey Trott 2017

On Friday November 17, 2017 our entire school came together to participate in our first annual Turkey Trott.
Students in grades 3-5 had the opportunity to "pluck the feathers" of 8th grade student volunteers.  It was an awesome time for fun and excitement as students and staff came together to listen and sing to music, exercise, and celebrate the beginning of this year's holiday season.  The laughter and the smiles in the pictures say it all. 
Please help me thank our eighth graders for agreeing to be turkeys and 
Mrs. Dee Cunningham for creating our staff costumes:
The Turkey: Ms. Riley
The Chef:  Mr. Schneider
Pumpkin Pie: Mr. Birch
Baked Potato: Mrs. Singelton
Strawberry Pie: Ms. Flores
Slice of lemon: Mrs. Darby